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Book Fair Teacher Wishlists

Orders must be placed by no later than Nov 25th!

Missed the Book Fair at Barnes & Noble?

It's not too late to participate in Burr's online book fair, which helps raise money for Burr School. The online book fair ends on Saturday, November 25th, so be sure to place your orders before the deadline!


  • Voucher Number: To make sure your purchases benefit Burr School, visit and enter bookfair ID #12240248 during the checkout process.

  • Orders must be placed by November 25th! A percentage of your online order will be donated to the Burr PTO, which benefits Burr School in a variety of ways.

  • Teacher Wishlists: Many of Burr's teachers have posted wishlists of books they would love to have in their classrooms to share with their students. Please see the list below, and consider supporting our Burr teachers!


Click on the links below to visit teacher wishlists:


Ms. Espinal


Ms. Frail

Ms. McMahon


Ms. Russo


Ms. Golden


Ms. Fitch

Ms. Roberts


Mr. Gaita

Ms. Field


Ms. Oh

Ms. Canning


Ms. Li

Ms. Bordman


Ms. Tice


Ms. Bapat

Ms. Harris

Ms. MacNeill

Ms. Cooley

Ms. Robinson


Ms. Patino (Library)

Ms. Feroleto (Math Specialist)


Mental Health (Juarez/Eastburn/Kennedy)

Burr Families Organized for Racial Justice
(Burr FORJ)

ELL (Foreman/Borja)

 Questions? Send emails to with any questions!

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