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The Burr PTO Board Responsibilities.  These roles outline the responsibilities of each Board position. 


The Co-Presidents oversee all PTO activities and roles, as well as work closely with the school administration. In addition to setting the calendar for all PTO-related events, the Co-Presidents develop the annual budget (approved by PTO members, at large), and manage the fiscal and 501c3 nonprofit responsibilities of the organization. They are responsible for overseeing the coordination of all PTO activities and events, providing support as needed and in any manner necessary. This includes finding/assigning committee members, balancing financial resources, managing communications for the PTO including, but not limited to, the Burr Buzz, email blasts, online PTO webpage, and integration of social media.



The Secretary responsibilities consist of taking notes at PTO Board Meetings and distributing the minutes at the subsequent PTO meeting for a vote.  Taking notes at Parent/Principal Coffees and forwarding any approved meeting dates to the Communications Coordinators for posting on the Burr PTO Website. The Secretary is also responsible for overseeing the Hospitality Committee, whose responsibilities include Teacher Appreciation Week, Back to School Luncheon for Teachers, making coffee supplies are stocked for the teacher lounge throughout the year, and keeping the PTO storage area organized.



The Community Coordinator oversees the coordinators/committees for all of the community-oriented events at Burr.  This includes events such as the Back to School Picnic, Boo Fest, May Fair, movie nights, cultural festivals, and any other events that serve the purpose of community building.  



The Fundraising Coordinator recruits for and oversees the coordinators/committees for all of the fundraising we do for the PTO.   The two biggest fundraisers we do are the auction and the Wolf Fund, but this also includes smaller fundraisers like Movie Nights, the Sleep Under, bake sales, and more.  



They will be responsible for the all communications between the parents, the PTO, Burr School and surrounding Communities.  This involves updating the Website, the PTO calendar, the My School Anywhere app, managing the weekly editors for the Burr Buzz announcements, the public Facebook page, periodic email blasts, and the School Sign.  They will work closely with the co-presidents and the Secretary.



The treasurer is responsible for managing funds for the PTO.  These activities include writing checks, reimbursing parent expenses, balancing the bank account, administering a budget sheet, preparing tax documents and presenting the yearly ledger to the PTO Council.



The educational support coordinator oversees the Creative Arts and Sciences (K-5) committee and the Understanding Our Differences (3-5) committees.  They are responsible for working with the teachers and principal to organize these programs at each grade level, CAS runs from Kindergarten through 5th grade and UOD starts in 3rd grade and runs through 5th grade. They will work with the Director of Newton CAS to gather the available programs and then work with the teachers at Burr to select which programs work best for their curricula.  This role is responsible for finding the Volunteer Coordinator who gathers parent volunteers for both CAS, UOD and all PTO events at Burr. The volunteer coordinating portion of this role will help recruit for different committees and/or volunteer roles we have open at Burr.  

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