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incredible, PTO-funded program

Creative Arts & Sciences—a series of in-school programs fully funded by the PTO—brings fun, educational and inspirational programs to Burr School. These curriculum-enhancing, interactive programs include scientists, authors, engineers, artists, dancers and even live animals, and provide a real-life extension of what kids are learning in the classroom.

Check out this year’s schedule below and mark your calendars. Don’t forget to ask your child questions about what they learned. You’ll be surprised with their wealth of information about owls, life in Ghana, the writing process, or metamorphosis!  Better yet, take a field trip to your child's class and witness the magic yourself.  Parents are always welcome.

For more info, contact Brenna Fisk or Patty Devaney.

Photos pictured above feature many of the amazing Creative Arts & Sciences programs that have taken place at Burr over the last few years.  

Click on the links for more info:

Schoolwide Concert!

Women In Jazz - March 6, 2020

Kindergarten Programs

Massachusetts Audubon Society's Winter Survival - 

Discovery Museum - Bubbles  

Tanglewood Marionettes' Hansel & Gretel

Author/Illustrator Emilie Boon – 

New England Aquarium’s Tidepools Alive! – 

First Grade Programs

Wingmasters’ North American Birds of Prey – 

Kemp Harris Storyteller- 

Winter Wonderings - 

Tanglewood Marionettes

Author Matt Tavares - 

Second Grade Programs

Chiao-Bin Huang’s Chinese Ribbon Dance – 

Author/Illustrator Grace Lin - 

The Caterpillar Lab – 

Joe & Vida Galeota’s A Day in Ghana – May 8, 2020

Third Grade Programs

Jackson Homestead - Mapping Your Town - 

Storyteller Len Cabral - 

Native American Program - Rob Aptaker - 

Author/Illustrator Grace Lin - 

Fourth Grade Programs

Science Discovery Museum’s Rocks & Minerals – 

Storyteller Len Cabral - 

Poet/Author Lyn Littlefield Hoopes – 

Author/Illustrator Grace Lin - 

Science Discovery Museum’s Sound – 

Fifth Grade Programs

Michael LaFosse’s Origamido Studio – 

Storyteller Len Cabral - 

Museum of Science’s Weather – 

Women in History

Author Dana Allison Levy - November 8, 2019

Discovery Museum :Electromagnetism

Mass Audubon Description
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