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Every child in every grade benefits
from PTO programs & funds


The Annual Wolf Fund

The Burr Wolf Fund is the PTO’s annual fundraiser that raises a significant portion of our budget and  helps pay for some of the PTO’s two largest and most important line items: Creative Arts and Sciences, supplies for Burr teachers and new books for the Burr library.

Creative Arts and Sciences (CAS) provides multiple curriculum-aligned programs at each grade level. CAS is fully funded by the PTO. The PTO purchases technology, like interactive projectors, for use in classrooms. The PTO also funds other curriculum and enrichment programs, community building events, technology in classrooms, the 5th grade fund and more.

You can contribute to the Wolf Fund by sending a check (made payable to "Burr PTO") in your child’s folder or you can make an online donation below.

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Where does the money go?

The Burr PTO infuses more than  $40,000 into our school each year, and these funds help to provide the technology needed in today’s classrooms, as well as the programs, services, and community events that help make Burr the wonderful place that it is.  The Burr Wolf Fund campaign is the primary source of funds for the PTO’s annual budget, and every penny raised through Burr Wolf Fund goes directly to the school.  The remainder of the annual budget is raised through other events with community building and/or academic support elements, such as the Book Fair, as well as indirect fundraisers like the Amazon shopping link.

The PTO fully funds Creative Arts and Sciences at Burr, a program that gives Burr students the opportunity to write and illustrate stories and poems with published authors, design and build mini water distribution systems, dance with Chinese ribbon dancers, hold creatures from the depths of the ocean in their hands, and more.  These programs are chosen with the teachers and tie-in with the grade-level curriculum, enhancing and enriching the academic experience.

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