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Building Community, One Classroom at a Time
What exactly is a room parent?

A unique opportunity for parent involvement underneath the umbrella of PTO activities is being a Room Parent. Each grade level classroom at Burr has at least two parents/guardians assigned as Room Parents. These parents work in partnership with the classroom teacher to provide support and volunteer assistance, as well as to serve as a liaison between the teacher and the rest of the students’ parents from that classroom.


Each teacher meets with their Room Parents at the beginning of the year to discuss their needs. The tasks vary from teacher to teacher, but generally support is requested for assisting with communication to classroom parents, implementing special projects, organizing a few classroom community events a year and coordinating teacher appreciation initiatives. Room Parents may also be called upon to help promote school-wide PTO programs and activities, as their personal relationships with other parents in the classroom help promote a sense of community within the school.

At least two Room Parents are needed for each classroom. No experience is necessary! This is a great way to get to know your child’s teacher, as well as other families in your child's classroom. 

Who are the room parents in my child's classroom?

Room Parents will typically reach out to you in the second or third week of school. If you haven't heard from your Room Parent yet (especially if your child began at Burr midyear or changed classrooms), please email your classroom teacher and they will be able to connect you with your Room Parents.

I signed up to be a room parent. What am I supposed to be doing?

We have put together a Room Parent Guide to give you a better sense of what the role entails, as well as some tools and ideas to help you be more successful. 

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