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The Burr PTO is proud to announce the launch of our new website, which aims to be a one-stop resource for Burr School families. The site features an extensive collection of resources that will hopefully serve as a one-stop location of everything Burr. The site includes all-new student section called "The Wolf Den," complete with an online art gallery, student council initiatives, book recommendations (by fellow students) and more. Check out the new site today at!

As you can see from this email, the PTO is also updating the ways in which we communicate with Burr parents. As part of that initiative, the Burr Bulletin will be replaced with a new weekly newsletter called the Burr Buzz, coming in fall of 2017. We also be sending Burr Shoutouts like this one when we have important information to share.

If you have ideas for the website or other modes of communication, please don't hesitate to contact Cristal Balis at or Krissy Munroe at

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