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Resources to Help Unleash
Your Child's Full Potential

This is a good starting point for parents who are interested in learning more about Newton Public School's special education programs and the evaluation/IEP process. There are a number of helpful links to explore here.

Burr School Contacts & Info

Have a question about special education or how to request an evaluation? Find out who to contact here.

This is a great resource to help parents familiarize themselves with the terms and process of special education. Especially useful is the site's interactive planning tool, which creates a customized guide to help walk you through the IEP process.

The Newton Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is an all-volunteer organization of parents of children with special needs. The group acts as a liaison between parents of students with special needs and school district administrators. The group runs an online discussion group as a forum for parents to exchange information and share community resources.

The state has amassed a collection of helpful resources and information to help parents navigate its special education process.

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