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Find upcoming events,
meetings and school closings

About the Burr Calendar

This Google Calendar displays Burr PTO events, as well as scheduling and other information from Burr School and Newton Public Schools.  Use the tabs at the upper right to change to week or agenda view. Use the arrows at the upper left to scroll.

Add these calendars to your own Google calendar account, iPhone or Android device!  

Use Android/Google Calendar?  

It’s easy! You can subscribe right now by clicking the +Google Calendar button (at the bottom right corner of the calendar above) and following the prompts.

Have an iPhone?  

You’ll need your phone for this – get your iPhone and follow along!

1. Open up the browser on your iPhone and go to: and go to the Calendar page.  Now you’re looking at the same page on your iPhone.

First, we’ll add the Burr School Calendar (vacation dates, early release dates, etc.)

2. On the iPhone, copy this link (long click on the link, the select Copy from the pop-up):

3. Next, go back to your home screen, then tap the “Settings” icon, then scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

4. Tap “Add Account”, select “Other”, then select the “Add Subscribed Calendar” option.

5. Paste the link into the Server box (long click on the Server box until the Paste option appears and tap Paste), then click Next.

6. Options will appear. Select options as needed (do not enter a username or password) then click Save.

Next, add the Burr PTO Calendar, copy the link below then repeat steps 3-6:

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