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Resources to Help You
Support Your Children

Learn more about this evidence-based approach to teaching practiced throughout Newton Public Schools,
which emphasizes academic, social and emotional growth within a strong school community. 

Where can I learn more about Responsive Home?

Learn how Responsive Classroom practices can be used at home to 

Learn more about the school's Core Values—compassion, respect, perseverance and teamwork—which play an important role in the everyday instruction at Burr School. By reinforcing these important values at home, you can enhance the character development and cooperative skills of your children.

This page on the Newton Public Schools website provides an comprehensive overview by grade level of the various curriculum being taught at Burr.

Learn more about this evidenced-based practice that helps bring focus and calm to our often-overwhelmed students. Then, check out this comprehensive list of resources for families, provided by Burr School social worker Nicki Eastburn.

This article from KidsHealth highlights a number of different ways families can be supportive during the elementary years.

Find a comprehensive list of state standards that define academic achievement in Massachusetts. 

Can't find something? Send us a note, and we'll do our best to add it!

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